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Your indications guide us!

When we, the Stuflesser brothers, took over the family business a few years ago, one of the first questions that we had to ask ourselves was the following: What are we able to produce and accordingly to realize? Are we production? No, we are creation, we do custom work. Yes, custom work to a millimetre accuracy. So far, so good, but what exactly are our works then? Only statues? Or also monuments? Or maybe every type of church furniture such as Altars, lecterns, ambos, baptismal fonts? After careful consideration, we divided our works into three different categories: Church furniture, statues and restoration.

Our Church furniture and Chapel and Cathedral interiors include every type of customized furniture made of wood, bronze and marble, which can be found in Chapels, Churches or Cathedrals. Examples are all types of church furniture of the Presbytery Area, Choir area, Reredos, side Altars, Altars, Triptychs, Polyptychs, Diptychs, baldachins, ambos, lecterns, pews, bases, sacrificial Altars, mensas, Church doors, confessionals and much more. Our only limit consists in our own and our clients’ phantasy.

Our category of statues includes all types of statues, figurines and sculptures, mostly figurative in nature. As in the category above, we work with wood, bronze and marble also in this field. Our orders vary from A to Z, from the Saint Martin to the Holy Family, from the marble relief of Saint Peter or Saint Paul to a bronze Angel. Statues of Saints and Blessed, as Saint Anthony, Saint Francis, Holy Padre Pio, Saint Mother Therese of Calcutta, Christ on the Cross, Christ king, the Resurrection, crip and nativity sets, Our Ladies, Archangels and every other carved figurine. Everything according to your preferences. Just write us and let our vast archive overwhelm you.

The third category, the one related to the restorations, includes the conservative or integrative restoration of the previous two categories. For some years now, we have been including also the liturgical concepts, as well as the corrections and adaptations to this category. We restore destroyed altars, ancient statues, missing or broken furniture, damaged decorations and we take care of the completion of missing sculptures.

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