Quality trademark – the Church deserves only the best.

This quality trademark informs about the difference between hand-carved and individual pieces and industrially manufactured mass products.

marchio di qualità Ferdinand Stuflesser

In order to protect the sculptors of woodcarvings, which are exclusively produced by hand, the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano has decided to certify the genuineness of this procedure. This certification is made in two successive stages: a trademark, duly registered, is attached to the object, and a certificate is issued declaring that it is entirely and exclusively hand-made.

The trademark, which must be claimed, consists of a metal disc, bearing the inscription “ENTIRELY HAND-CARVED”.
The application of the trademark is done by an expert chosen by the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano. After the work has been completed and carefully examined, the expert issues the certificate, which is an official document of the Chamber of Commerce, numbered progressively and containing all the information necessary for the unmistakable identification of the woodcarving.

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