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Information, articles and news about our art studio: from the woodcarving tradition on to the materials in which we carve: wood, bronze and marble.

Masterful Heritage
The Splendor of Ancient Wooden Bronze and Marble Statues in the Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 Exhibition Space.
Beatification of Family Ulma
This sunday the 10th of September 2023 the polnish Family will be beatified by the Vatican.
Saint Luigi Scrosoppi: Mercy and Patron Saint of the Soccer/Football Community
Wooden Statues Honoring Luigi Scrosoppi's Inspiring Legacy and Supporting Humanitarian Initiatives. Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 in Collaboration with
From Ortisei to San José
two Via Crucis from Suflesser's workshop: This is the titel in the news "Semana Santa en familia". We realized two Via Crucis Customized in San José.
Image of Sant'Ana Mestra from the old headquarters of Lavras
Sant’Ama: Padroeira de Lavras This High Altare we realized in the past was confirmed as a protected cultural heritage of Lavras. Check out the newsletter about it.
Litany of the Saints and Martyrs of England
“The Church in the British Isles will only begin to grow when she begins again to venerate her own saints” St Arsenios of Paros
Sculture per le chiese Tradizione di Ferdinand Stuflesser
The art of woodcarving in Ortisei, Val Gardena.
The wood carvers in Val Gardena have an excellent reputation. For many generations we already practice the craft of wood carving.
blocchi di marmo in arrivo allo studio
Marble - a natural living form.
Marble is evolves from the protracted transformation of various minerals in the Earth's interior.
Corona fatta mano
Donations as a sign of love and gratitude.
In 140 years, several wooden sculptures and products have been given away, as a sign of gratitude.
Altare in legno realizzato a mano
Altar construction from 1870 - 1940.
The altar construction played a very important role a century ago.
Laboratorio scultori
Wood - best-quality regional wood.
We love to carve statues of linden and stone pine.
Monumento angelo in bronzo
Bronze - a noble and long-lasting metal.
The collective term bronzes refers to alloys with at least 60 percent copper.
marchio di qualità Ferdinand Stuflesser
Quality trademark - the Church deserves only the best.
This quality trademark informs about the difference between hand-carved and individual pieces and industrially manufactured mass products.
We are here for you.
Statues, Church interiors, restoration, monuments and portraits. We are glad to give you our best advice.