The Vatican and the Stuflessers:
an incredible relation.

In 140 years of woodcarving history we have often had the chance to interact with the Vatican. From a sale of a custom made statue to a visit in Rome, to hand over a hand made statue for a Church in Africa.

Frequently supplying the Vatican and always being on call for this discerning customer does entail responsibility for Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875, but it also entails the by no means mundane pleasure of supporting the church zenith in word and deed during the purchase of a statue or the interior design of a chapel or church.

Customers from the Vatican demand impeccable work from Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875, which reinforces the Catholic religion via works of art over generations and centuries, if not millennia. Numerous works made of wood, bronze and marble have been delivered to this small and very important city in more than 140 years.

Madonna mit Kind antik vergoldet

The following three works number among the most important orders in the last decade:

  1. In 2014 a statue of the Holy Pope John Paul II was carved in our studios and Filip and Robert Stuflesser had the honor to hand it over personally to the Holy Father Pope Francis.
  2. In 2013 a bishop’s crook (crosier) decorated in 23 carat gold was produced for the Vatican. Said crook was presented to an African bishop in Rome.
  3. On 28 July 2008 Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 supplied a wooden alter with ambo and a bronze altar with Ambo for the two masses. The pope impressed the South Tyrol faithful, while Filip and Robert Stuflesser were allowed to give His Holiness a present: the present was a gothic family altar bearing an illustration of St. Benedict. Photos are available in the presentation.


On 23 September 2007 the Holy Father Benedict XVI celebrated Holy Mass in Velletri near Rome on a Stuflesser bronze altar and bronze ambo. This came to pass due to a cooperation of the company with the diocese organizing the celebration.


Irrespective of the size of the order, every execution for the Vatican is something special, as this city is simply the cradle of the Catholic faith.

"It is a blessing for us humans that there are talented artists who transform moments of our earthly life into carvings, sculptures, portraits and paintings with their own hands, spirit and instinct."

Robert Stuflesser - Owner

The studio has been honoured with many forms of recognition in its 136 years of existence.

The Art Studio reaches the Vatican and the Pope: the Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875 is registered as “furnishers to the Holy See” (the title was assigned by Pope Pius X). It also has been awarded a prize by Pope Leo XIII.

The Studio has also been given the titles of “Pro ecclesia et Pontefice” because of his long experience in the ecclesiastical field and the title of “commendatore dell’Ordine di S.Silvestro”.

The Art Studio has been awarded with several medals also at the following international fairs in: Chicago, Innsbruck, Barcellona, Bruxelles, Paris, Antwerpen.


Being awarded a prize is very nice and shows that other people and/or institutions particularly appreciate the work carried out. This always honours the whole group Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875.


Not to forget the huge compliments that the studio receives every day by phone, email and letter. Many people think that a gifted artist is fully aware of his power, strength and talent – but it should not be forgotten that a compliment or a simple “thank you” will make your soul dangle!


The Stuflesser family and all those involved are grateful for the many thanks and compliments!

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