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Why Stuflesser

Why Ferdinand Stuflesser 1875?

Your benefits and disadvantages with us.

Quality: Since its founding, the Art Studio FERDINAND STUFLESSER has maintained a mission to preserve the beauty and vitality of the sculpted works.

Tradition & References:
Our long tradition has great value and is at the base of the work we still carry out: the past helps us to avoid mistakes. We are also sure that the given references give you trust.

The Art Studio gives you a guarantee of 5 years in case of natural decay (examples: color damage or clefts in the material). We do not cover theft, fire, or mistreatment.

The Art Studio has been working with hundreds of Churches in every part of the World. It wants to satisfy the special needs Churches can have. We don’t just offer you flexibility from us and our collaborators: we also offer you flexibility of payment. You can gladly buy on installments with 0% interest rate.

Professional Assistance:

All our collaborators have a professional diploma in addition to their years of experience. Additionally, the Customer has the advantage to be assisted and advised in technical terminology in three languages: English, Italian and German.

If you have more confidence in another studio or woodcarver, we can’t stop you: the trust in the Artist is one of the most important pieces in the Art mosaic.

Like the quality, the price also has its explanations. Guaranteeing an incontestable quality and the use of first class material, our price can in some cases overstep the competitor’s price. If the competitors give you the same warranty and inspires you the same trust at a cheaper price, we don’t want to oppose. Don’t forget that the price reflects the value of the work, which increases year after year.

Don’t take us into consideration, if we weren’t able to be in syntony with your wishes or to satisfy your needs.

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